Wednesday, April 22, 2009

her fathers' daughter

After looking back on my posts for the past couple weeks I realize that I pretty much have over posted on Aspen and her activities.  It must be a factor of having basically only one kid at home, or maybe I am boring and have not much else to talk about other than those close to me.  Either way... here is another ANOTHER Aspen info post.

Hayden loves to take long showers.  I'm talking the "Lay in the water until all the water is gone" version of a long shower.  Aspen, as of yesterday, has shown she shares the same love.  I finally had to turn the water off in order to get her out.  I remember when I was young and hated to get out of the tub at my Grandma Toni's house... she (or Sheela... I forget whom) told me that if I didn't get out before all the water went down the drain it would take me with it.  Hmmm... maybe I'll have to try that one.

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LaurieJ said...

She is so cute... how could you not cover every move? Plus, it goes by too fast. I wish I had started blogging when my other kids were younger to capture so many things I do now. the bucket list :-)

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