Wednesday, April 22, 2009

for the love of the game

Tuesday was full of adventure.  School went quickly (thanks to going outside to "do homework" with the last 2 class periods).

Volleyball ended up being the HIGHLIGHT of the day.  The last couple times we have had games, I haven't had enough time to warm up enough to play like I would like.  I was THAT person that people would try to serve to, because I was off of my game. And once that happens, then I start mentally kicking myself, which makes me play worse that I already was.  I never want to be the weakest link.  I always have told myself that if the day came that I was, then I was done playing.  Tonight (with Aspen in tow) I made it to volleyball early enough to have a good warmup.  Had a good game... had fun.  Aspen had fun playing outside and climbing hills.  H gets home tomorrow!  Yay!

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