Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Escargo... Formal Night... and a "song"

After a great day at Cabo, we had our second formal night.  It was our "men in black" night, as all the guys had brought black tux's.  On the menu as an appetizer, was escargo.  Since Brenden is a self-professed French person at heart, we insisted that he give it a try.  HILARIOUS!!  It took him a good 10 minutes to finally get one small bite down.  Wade and Austin were also brave enough to take a taste.  Hayden and I passed.  I have cleaned way WAY too many snails out of my garden to even THINK about eating one.
While in Cabo Aspen found a little guitar that she would NOT leave the market without... it was her constant companion through the rest of the trip.  Hayd would take her guitar and strum it and Aspen would start crying and say "MY SONG!!! MY SONG!!!" and demand the return of her guitar.

Tomorrow begins our last leg of the trip... 2 days at sea before the return to U.S. soil.


Mom L said...

Love your formal! And that picture of all the guys - wonderful! What a handsome group. I know if I tried on the escargot, however, that it would barely get past my teeth before bouncing back up. I am absolutely certain of it! I did manage caviar, once, however, and it actually tasted good. What delightful memories you guys all made on this trip!

kimg said...

your dress is pretty. i wouldn't try snails either. i am NOT an adventurous eater. looks SO fun!

Doug and Amy said...

You guys all look great! It looks like you had so much fun!

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