Monday, February 8, 2010


When a little MONKEY decides to climb, sometimes MONKEYS fall off the bed (or the playground... in this case).  The timing of these events is never at a good time.  We were at the park across the street from our house about an hour before I was supposed to leave to officiate a game.  We had started heading home after being there for 5 minutes, but because of her objections, I decided to let her have another 5 minutes before going home.  

Bad idea.  

Notice how the circle injury on her cheek matches perfectly the little circle support on the playground?  Yeah.  All while I was watching her climb up onto a step.  RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!  After a visit to her pediatrician, and a CT scan (and finding a sub for my basketball game)... we were headed home to recoup.   The CT scan showed no fracture, so its a good week or so with a nice black & blue & purple eye.  Her first shiner!

The questionable looks and comments we have received this week have been unbelievable.


Mom L said...

Ok, I will believe you. I will. But poor little dear. Nice thing about little ones is that their skin seems to bounce back better at this age than when they grow older like me. If that's any consolation.

kimg said...

OUCH!!! that poor girl! its a good thing kids heal so fast.

Camille said...

Ava had two black eyes because of a fall on similar playground equipment... I almost got a call from her school because she had two different "stories" about what happened.... I am glad she is okay though, that looks like it hurt!

Ryan and Debra said...

Oh My Goodness...Poor thing! She is one tough cookie!

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