Thursday, February 25, 2010

craftiness & a little football

I've been feeling crappy crafty lately.  And when I feel that way, projects tend to get started... and if I'm lucky, even finished. 
I have a HUGE addiction lately to following blogs.  It is a growing problem (takes me 30 minutes a day to go through all the newly posted SWEET creative ideas) and it is getting worse everyday.  Since I have discovered that cool little outfits can be put together without the bother of a pattern... I have been tearing it up in my newly set-up craft room.  I found an adorable shirt at a store in the mall last week and thought "oh my... I could TOTALLY do that for practically nothing!!"  
So I did.
Aspen found a picture of a skirt with hearts on the pockets and demanded that it be hers... so 1 hour later, it was.  To make a top that matched her skirt, I took some tulle strips, gathered it, and pinned it onto a shirt of hers that had stains on it.
The new heart outfit is definitely a huge hit.  So much so, that on the days when she wears it, we don't have to fight her to get dressed in the morning.
 After making such great progress with the heart outfit, I pulled a t-shirt out of the "trash" pile, and decided to do a little revamp.  Aspen had spilled fingernail polish down the front of it, and I didn't see any way to save it (even though she had only worn it ONCE!!).  Another NO PATTERN fix and she now has a new outfit in her closet.  This one, however, has not been deemed acceptable by the PRINCESS ASPEN, and so wearing this in the morning still requires a fight.  
Me being the victor... of course.  I have so many more sweet ideas underway, and several projects started.  Hey... when you feel crappy, having projects to look forward to is a MUST!

Super bowl Sunday was actually Frank's (my father in law's) birthday, so it was a no-brainer that there was a party to be had.  We went to Kari's new house (Hayden's sister) in Goshen for the event.  Aspen thought all the presents were for her, and had a horrible time resisting the temptation to open them.

Aspen has a Doug aversion.  Doug is Kari's husband and he has a large beard and moustache.  Apparently bearded people in cowboy boots are scary to 2 year olds.  Over the course of the past 2 years, she has managed to let him get remotely close to her... once.  So imagine our surprise when I look over, while watching the game, and she is LYING on Doug's lap.  
No trembling... no back peddling away from him.  
Just chillin'. 
Our daredevil child now has conquered what had appeared to be her only fear.
Well, other than getting dressed in the morning, that is...
I think that one is a battle that doesn't end with the terrible 2's.


Lisa said...

I also have the blog addiction going on right now. I had awhile ago, then lost it and lost the desire to blog at all for about 8 months but I am back and in full force! At least for the time being lol. Dave said he is on the floor for U2 so I am guessing general admission...I didn't want to even attempt pushing and shoving my way up to Bono, so we got seats right next to the stage and I am pumped! Dave said the concert is the same night as his anniversary! How cool is that???

Mom L said...

Great fun! I am still trying to figure out the happy medium on the blog thing myself. You're right. It can gobble a ton of time, but it is so fun!

Camille said...

How do you find time for all of this? WOW! I can barely keep up on my own blog, let alone be crafty! I see you are still running as well, AMAZING!

Cheryl said...

What a cute and creative idea!

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