Friday, February 26, 2010

a little GRATITUDE would be GREAT!!!

Today I have ONE pet peeve.
Only one...
(well, at least that come to mind... today... trust me, there are more).
My one: ingratitude.

Seriously... how hard is it to say THANK YOU??
I've done some creative work for some friends lately, and the only thing I've gotten (after 12+ hours of my time), (and doing and re-doing work on the project) is requests to change my work in one way or another.
Not a "HEY, they look great!".
Not "THANKS so much for all your time and effort"??

I give a ride to a few kids who's family has come upon hard times lately (father passed away).  We had parent teacher conferences last night, and after 3 weeks of delivering kids from Provo to Lehi almost every day after school, and dropping them off on their doorstep, not a word was said about it.  

 It's really not that difficult people.

I realize I am seeing this through my own "love language" (which is words of affirmation).  Not everyone thinks that this is a BASIC HUMAN courtesy.  I get that.  I could prevent it from happening.  I could turn down favors asked of me.  I could say no.
But that wouldn't be very nice.
I try to be NICE.
There's gotta be bonus points in earned in heaven for NICE.

So instead, I'll rant, vent and blog... and go do my community servitude service without saying a word.


Janae said...

I always try to say thank you. I was brought up that way.

Just (hope) know karma may eat them alive.

And know you are doing the good stuff :)

Becky said...

Boy, am I glad I gave you a Frosty today. Does 'frosty' say 'thanks' to a "Words of Affirmation" love language speaker?

Lisa said...

That too is one of my biggest pet peeves and it is becoming more and more common which I hate! Even with young kids who I am sure are following their parents examples! I appreciate you! Just wish I got to see more of you!!!

Mom L said...

I hear where you're coming from Tonia! I think you earned your gold star for sure. It's a great reminder to me to remember to thank people for all the wonderful things they do for me.

renee' said...

Amazing what a little gratitude can get people. Amen to this post and bless you for being such a "kind" person.

Emily said...

Oh I hear you! We have the same personality... we are glad to help others, and we expect a "thank-you" in return! Hang in there... my husband calls it simply "giving friendship dues" and that thanks aren't always given.

Your pic turned out amazing... keep up the great work!

Lindsay said...

I totally know what you mean!! Van and I sometimes pick up my brother Maloy's carpool from Centennial and they never say thanks! Drives us nuts! I looove your blog it is soo darn cute!

Sandra said...

THANK YOU for stopping by my blog and for leaving a sweet message...I do appreciate it. Come back soon. Sandra

Karen said...


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