Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sick and Tired of WInter

Cold weather
Little (or no) business
Running in darkness
Feeling a bit blue
The end of basketball season (next week)
2 Monday holidays... strategically placed
Setting up my craft room!!
Spare minutes spent sewing or scrapbooking (when not officiating)

March & April=
blessed warmer weather!!
tax season, therefore business picks up
A month of no days off... followed by a BEAUTIFUL week off (oh the sewing plans I have in store)
2 boys' birthdays!
Spring bulbs out
Any day above 45 is spent with my hands in the dirt
Visits to the park
Buying seeds.
Bring on SPRING.  I've had enough of this stuff you call winter.


LaurieJ said...

I am done with winter by Dec. 26th!

Some day we will run in the morning light with shorts and tank tops. I just have to keep telling myself that

Mom L said...
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Mom L said...

Thanks for the smile! I, too, am so ready for spring. But February does have it's charms. I love gardening, but I love working on projects indoors as well. February is the month for doing that, I think.
(Why do I do that - turn eveything around? - truth is, I have always been so grateful February is a short month. I am always so ready to get on with spring.)

Kim said...

I'm tired of winter too...but dreading mud season - or Spring as some people call it. :)

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