Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet music...

What can I say about this kid.  I just love him!

We had the opportunity to see Brenden play drums in the school talent show, and Wade had an orchestra concert the same night.  I couldn't have planned it better myself.  Well, other than the fact that we almost missed Brenden's, altogether.  He played at the beginning of the talent show (2pm) and in the middle.  Since driving from Provo takes at least 90 minutes, and I couldn't leave until 12:15 (and we still had to pick up Aspen on the way), we obviously missed his first performance.  As we were pulling into the parking lot, I get a frantic call from Brenden informing me he was on next.  Yeah... that was cutting it just a BIT too close.  We got into the auditorium just as they came on stage.  I'm pretty impressed.  My son can jam.

Wade's concert wasn't until later that evening. Aspen had only slept for 10 minutes on the drive up, which meant McDonald's Playland for us for an hour and a half, to keep the tantrums at bay.

Wade did GREAT.  He has done great lately working on his violin and his MATH SKILLS!!!  We worked on math while on vacation, and, by the next test, he understood many concepts that other students were lost on.  It gave him a new view on math, in general, and now we have nightly math tutoring via cell phone.   I have some pretty talented, smart boys!



Ryan and Debra said...

I have always been interested in the violin...I am hoping that Bekkah is too...Way to go Wade!

Mom L said...

That's the same Wade I used to teach in Primary? Playing the violin! I always knew he was smart, though. Terrific on the math concepts. Maybe Brenden and Wade could do a concert together sometime? (Imagine that - drums and violins - kind of like a Yani experience. Cool!) Great job, guys!

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