Friday, June 11, 2010

I HEART spray paint. VERY MUCH!!!

I've been following blogs that give me some great furniture remodeling ideas.  I've been too afraid to try any until I got tired of my 2 pink chairs, 2 white chairs, and 1 brown chair in my kitchen (along with a hand me down table).  OH BABY... bring on the black spray paint, and suddenly my kitchen set matches.  I still have to finish the top of the table, but at least they look like they go together.

I was sitting in my living room the other day noticing all the different types of wood my furniture has, and decided to do something about it.  First off, trying to decide a color.  My sister said I should have done something like a sea-foam green or a mustard yellow, but I am too chicken, so for me it was deciding between black and white.  White=bright... so it won.

I have done my cedar chest, an end table, a wicker chair, and a parsons bench (although the bench still needs to be recovered on the seat and back).  I must say, they TOTALLY impressed me how they turned out... especially the cedar chest.  Here are my before and after pics:

the edges looked worn and had been bumped numerous times, and one of the sides of the skirt had come loose and had to be screwed back together.

after: I tried spray painting the original handles but failed miserably (apparently spraying it one color and then changing your mind doesn't bode well in spray paint land).  Off to home depot to find handles that matched.  Had to drill new holes for these but you can't even tell.

Other pieces I've been working on:
wicker chair took a few coats (3) until I learned that EXPENSIVE spray paint which costs 4 times that of the cheap stuff, is worth about 7 cans of the cheap stuff (or more).  Seriously.  Spend the extra money... just a tip.

I found a $60 inch-and-a-half wood frame at Big Lots that was on clearance for $2.  CHA-CHING.  It had some little saying on it and was scratched in a place or two, but I had been DYING to own one of these for a long time, so I had to buy it.  Two coats of spray paint later, and some cute vinyl and it is now one of my favorites in my house.  It felt too lonely on the wall, so I put some more vinyl on the wall to give it some flourishes. 

I still have a few things on my list of things to finish.  The table below is now all white, and has been antiqued as well, and it looks great.  I am tempted to paint the big wooden bookshelves I have in my front room but am still too chicken to take that on.  I did however buy a cute little night stand at DI yesterday for $5, and it is definitely on my REDO list next... I'll post more of it when I start it.


kimg said...

LOVE IT! you are so inspiring!

Nathan and Shanna said...

Love all of it! Thanks for sharing.

Calvin said...

go go go go

Lori said...

Oh my all looks so good.

Doug and Amy said...

Love it all! You are so talented! I especially love your fabric on the cedar chest. Good job!!

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