Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Like mother... like daughter

The best part about having little things that I do that drive Hayden crazy, is having a daughter that does the same things... without prompting.  He thinks I am secretly coaching her on the side.

Give me a good cob (or 10) of fresh corn on the cob, and I turn into a ravenous eater.  (Hayden says I hunch over and grow fangs... very funny Hayd).  A couple weeks ago we had corn on the cob with dinner, and Aspen helped herself to a cob, pushed away her dinner, and finished off 3 cobs of corn.   HA, HAYDEN... now you get to deal with 2 corn chicks.

My affection for "smelly crap" (given that title by Hayden) is also shared with Aspen.  She loves smelling everything... and I mean everything.  Get me and her in Bath & Body Works, and poor Hayden doesn't stand a chance.

She loves going for walks (same with me, not Hayd), winter squash (ditto, but not Hayd), complains about being cold (me too, Hayden is always just fine or too hot), she loves to help me in the garden, and loves yard work.  

Some of her characteristics and likes, I'm sure she came with, but many she picks up from watching me.  Today I yelled at the dog and ten seconds later she did the same thing.  Guess I better be careful... I have a little copy cat in my midst.

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Doug and Amy said...

Aspen is so cute and is getting so big! How fun to have a little copy-cat! Hope you are well!

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