Wednesday, June 23, 2010

older and wiser

I'm having mixed feelings about this whole birthday thing this year.  Hayden has made sure to point out that I'm half-way to 80 years old, and definitely loves to point out (on my birthday)  that he is 3 years younger than I am... even if only for 3 months.

Here are some of my thoughts about life in my final hours as a 30-something-ish gal.
Kids: they grow up way too fast, and I think I've finally figured out how to slow down, spend the extra time, and do things that matter.  Which brings me to my next one...

Time:  there are only so many days and hours I have been given here on this earth.  The realization of this has made me be very selfish with my time.  There are so many things that  demand my precious time, and I have had to let some things go for the benefit of my sanity.  My first place I choose to be is home... second is anywhere with Hayden or my kids.

My body:  sometimes fighting gravity isn't worth it.  I've come to love running, and am very grateful my knees, feet and other body parts still function well enough to let that continue to happen.  I know I won't ever have my 20-something body back... accepting that is another thing.  Wrinkles are not my friend.

The daily grind:  I've tried to find something each day to be grateful for by the end of the day.
I hate cleaning bathrooms. 
I love teaching school.

My life:  I've had my share of mountains to climb... many of them on my own .  Those have made me the person I am today.   Going through them again would literally put me in my grave, however, I wouldn't trade them for anything because of how I've grown and what I've learned.  Being ok with myself makes everything else much easier.

Friends:  one word: invaluable!! They have been my soft place to fall, my listening ear, and my support when my life was at it's worst.  Misty, Becky, Karin, Kellie, Clay, Hayden... I'm talking to you.  Thanks.  Love you.

My husband:  seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Period.  After climbing the above noted mountains, having a good man by my side is something I am very grateful for.  He is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, a great amazing dad, and a very hard worker.  We get along beautifully, and I believe my trials helped bring me to him.

The next 40 years:  not too sure how I feel about more sagging, wrinkles, aches and pains, and the likes, but hopefully if I have a good attitude, find something to love everyday, and find joy in the small things, then every day, every month, every year should be something I look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tonia. I love all that you do for our family and your forgiving heart. There is no way that I could ever give people the the second chances you do - and quite frankly your second chances you have given have ended up meaning the wold to the people around you. I love you more today than the day we met, and I hope you always know that.

Love Hayden

kimg said...

love you post! so positive. 40 isn't as bad as everyone says. i am a year and a half older than you and haven't noticed any difference from 39 to 40. good luck!

Nathan and Shanna said...

You're amazing Tonia! I hope to be just like you when I grow up!

deepdvd said...

40? You're 40? What happened? Oh, and congratulations! You've made it!

According to this book ...

... there's all kinds of things you can still do when you're that old, so that comforts me. I can't wait!

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