Tuesday, June 15, 2010

summer bucket list in FULL swing

We wasted no time in getting into our summer check off list.  With a little help from Utah Connect Pass, we had entry into several places to pick from.  In one day we hit Discovery Gateway, Clark Planetarium (and 2 movies there), Gateway water fountains, and lunch at Lion House.  Aspen had her first "warm sidewalk" experience at Gateway.  She was cold and when I showed her to lie on the warm ground... that's where she stayed... until we left.

Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Ancient Life (dinosaur museum) was also checked off.  Brenden and Wade even got their hands wet and played in the erosion pool.  Aspen's favorite parts are the big shark, the water part, and the sand area at the end which she calls "the dig".  This is a favorite place of hers, and one we drive by on our way home often (which means she INSISTS that we take her there).

Yesterday we hit Hogle Zoo.  This is another of Aspen's favorite.  She had to hold on to the zoo map when she got home for a nap, and for the rest of the evening. 

Still on our Utah Pass is Tracy Aviary, Olympic Park, Museum of Natural History/Fine Arts, Red Butte Garden, Snowbird & This is the Place park.

Today I was able to hang out with Brenden for the afternoon.  We went to a movie, got lunch, and just had some nice chill/visit time.  Going out on individual "dates" with each of the boys is DEFINITELY on my list of things to do for each of the times they are here this summer.


Lori said...

Sounds like so much fun. That 'date' with individual kids is such a good idea. I think I could be a nicer mom in my children's eyes if I did that.

kimg said...

wow! i wish i was as fun a mom as you! we're lucky if we go to the manti pool.

Julie L said...

Totally admit I miss having summers off. Sounds like you've got some great times going there! Aspen is such a cutie!

Jen Morris said...

Call me next time you come up this way and we will join in.

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