Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 1... Lake Powell

July 12, 2010 Monday
Boredom... Not because there is nothing to do, but because the person i would most love to share EVERYTHING with is back in Lehi.  Events through the day, Aspen's little funny things, thoughts on family and interactions, words of love and humor.  The whole situation is compounded by the fact that I have no phone service and so therefore I have no contact with him.  No text messages.  Not sure if this means I am addicted to my phone or addicted to my husband.

I was able to do what i came down here to do.  I rode up the channel sitting on the front of the houseboat with my feet in the water, riding the surface of the water and water splashing up my legs.  I have fond memories of doing this the first couple times we came to lake Powell back in the 80's.

Last night was miserable.  Hot, humid, and restless.  I slept with Aspen, so I worried about her for most the night.  Started on the bunk in the houseboat, ended up on top... No padding below us, and no blanket above.   Lack of sleep didn't slow Aspen down.  She was in the water until she was water logged, then would get out long enough to dry off and be begging to "swim... Just 1more time ... PLEASE".  

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