Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 3... Missing home

July 14, 2010 Wednesday
Seems like I have been here for more than a week.  The days seem to start to blend together and I'm so excited to go home tomorrow. Went into the channel a couple times today but was unable to get cell service.  So frustrating.

I must be in a different phase of my life because not once did anyone say "Tonia, you want to ski".  It isn't their fault I didn't go.  I only partially wanted to try wake-boarding, but NOT having anyone ask makes me realize that I am probably considered too old for that sort of thing.

Took Aspen out on the water weenie today.  That was SO much fun to watch.  She  loved it.  At first she wasn't quite sure about it, but after having quite a long turn and ending back up on the boat, she was asking if it was her turn again five minutes later.  When the older kids went and got thrown off she declared "mama, I can go. I don't fall off". She has had a total blast and will be talking about this for many days after we get home.

Wade did some cliff jumping with the crazy people today.  This did not sound fun for me (because I am wussy... and old :)  He is suffering from a bit too much sun.  First day down here he was in the sun for a good 3 hours without sunscreen before I noticed and tried to remedy the situation.  Too late.

I slept in the boat last night and had her sleep on the floor by me.  Amazingly I got some sleep.  If I'm not right next to her she puts herself back to sleep in the night instead of coming looking for me to lay on.

My bags are packed... My stuff gathered... I'm ready to go home and see Hayden.

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