Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Reunion Wager

Our Gardner reunion always has a little raffle/silent auction.  I found a clock on the table with no bids that was screaming spray paint me  I told my sister I had plans on turning it into something way cool.  She scoffed.  Hey... don't laugh at a person holding a can of spray paint.  Sounds like a challenge to me.
If you didn't know this was the same clock, you never would be able to tell.
Take that Kara :)


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap that's cute!

Leslie said...

I LOVE IT! I tried to follow in your footsteps and spray painted my headboard...I had to re-prime it and start over. Turns out, I'm not good at spray painting!

kimg said...

wow! i am so impressed! i really need to start opening my eyes more. maybe someday i can be as crafty/clever as you-- maybe... you are amazing!

and can i just say that i am so glad to have a friend that changes her blog background as often as i do? you double rock!

Julie L said...

Tonia! You are a genius!!!!

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