Thursday, July 22, 2010

Royalties, Please

Imagine my surprise when Brenden's friend sends him a text informing him she swears she saw him on a poster for an upcoming 5k.  Hmmm... must be some mistake.  We didn't have any pictures selected to be used for a flyer or poster.  It must just be someone who LOOKS like Brenden.


That's my boy!!
She sent a picture from off of the door at a gas station in Santaquin, and sure enough... there was Brenden running through the beautiful lavender fields from last years race.  Since I am a bit strange, and like to find ways to embarrass my children, I made Brenden come to a running store with me to find the flyer.  We were allowed to steal a large one off of the back door and take a few out of a large stack on the counter.
I'm thinking there should be some royalties for being able to use his beautiful running form shown on the poster.  Even if we didn't go back this year and run it.
What do you think?


Calvin said...

Did you sign a release as part of the registration process form last year? If not, they need a stern talking to. Perhaps free lavender oil for a few years

HeatherC. said...

That is awesome!

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