Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake Powell

Funny how things get put off until one specific something takes place.  I've had so many things to post, but put them off until I could post one particular picture.  Well, that one picture is still not scanned, but I've given up on waiting for me.

I officially have 1 month from today until my half marathon.  I am not as trained as I was for my half last year at this time, but that is part of the price of having a running partner... I train at her pace, and have been skipping my speed workouts because they aggravate my running buddy's old injury.  So this year my half-marathon will be more of a run to just finish, since I obviously won't be setting any land speed records.  

School starts 2 days after my half, and it hasn't been until this week that I had visions of me back to school without it causing anxiety.  The great thing about journaling is that I notice reoccurring patterns of behavior.  I know that at the end of the summer I have "summer remorse", so rather than wondering why it is happening, I get to figure out HOW to deal with it, since it is inevitable. Still much to do on our summer list.

We spent last week at Lake Powell with my family.  Hayden had a couple of jobs that ended up needing attention, so he was unable to go.  Aspen had a momentary moment her first 10 seconds in the water, where she thought she was going to drown, but when she figured out her life-jacket would hold her up, she was not getting out of the water... for the next 4 days.  The water was warm (81*) and the temperatures were warmer (104*+).  We had two houseboats, and they were quite full: 16 kids and 11 adults.  The only siblings not there were Garrett, who is working in Jackson Hole for the summer, and Jolona, who stayed home with her baby. It was a lot of fun.  Thanks Dad, for the great time. 

The next couple posts will be Lake Powell day by days... since I was able to write things down on my ipad while in the middle of the lake.

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