Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 New Year's Anti-Resolutions

I'm not a big resolution maker.  This comes after years and years of fooling myself into thinking that THIS year is going to be THE year... and then losing steam after several weeks.  I noticed this phenomenon this year more than ever.  Partially because I set a couple goals during the year that I finally was able to achieve.  I set them for myself and my own reasons... in MAY, and not because the new year said I should, so I think that helped.  I found the gym before January 1st and found several classes I love... so now I find myself getting mad when I show up at 5am, just as I have done for months, and my equipment has been taken over by the January "rush".  AAaarghh!!

Anyway... that's my rant...

So, going into this new year, this is what I am going to continue to improve on:
  • decluttering my house:  (2 big trips to Deseret Industries thus far).
  • Staying fit... even in the cold, attempt a FULL marathon, and fight off the 180's on the scale.
  • Keep drinking more water.
  • Reconnect with and appreciate people that matter (thank you facebook!).
  • Continue to enjoy time with my kids, and put off the "to-do list" until later
  • finish Brenden's high school album before he graduates, and finish getting Wade's caught up (since he is in his first year of the big H.S. this year).
I might as well throw out at least one thing I'm going to tackle that I haven't started yet...
I am actually going to get past Helaman.  

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Sumner Family said...

Ah, Helaman that makes me laugh! We always get stuck right about there too!

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