Saturday, January 1, 2011

This season

I loved the holiday season this year.
No pressure to get things done.
I didn't get cards sent out.
Aspen and I read a Christmas book ALMOST every night.
We listened to holiday music.
I went shopping with my boys.
I ran.
Then I ran some more.
I took my own sweet time and decorated the tree over the course of a week.
Morgan came for Christmas dinner.
Wade and I spent hours doing a puzzle.
Less stress.
More relaxing.
Focused more on the month of December, and the spirit of the season, than on the actual Day that passed so quickly.

I loved it.
Best holiday season in a very long time.

A great end of 2010, and a wonderful year coming up.
Bring on 2011!

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Julie L said...

Cute way to cover the season. I think we all should make efforts to cut the stress and enjoy the people more. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year once the stress gets removed.

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