Thursday, January 13, 2011

Despicable ME!

I watched Despicable Me the other day and couldn't help but laugh at the similarities between the little girl with her unicorn on the show, and Aspen. We were in the grocery store, and on our way to check out, we passed a big pink unicorn piñata hanging on the wall.  She threw a small tantrum when I told her it was NOT coming home with us.
Fast forward 5 minutes.
Hayden is checking out, with Aspen grinning from ear to ear, holding the pink unicorn.
"Don't be mad, mom... Dad said YES".
$20 for a silly pink pinata.
A silly pinata that didn't leave her side for 2 weeks.
She slept with it, she rode it, she had her baby ride it.
She loves having stories read to her at night, and one night I told her this story:
"There once was a pink unicorn that was so sad.  He was at the store all by himself, and then one day a little girl came to see him.  He wanted to go to her house really bad, but when Aspen asked her mom, she said (at this point Aspen gives my response as her contribution to the story) "NO!".  So Aspen was very sad, so she went and asked her dad.  "Dad, can I take home the unicorn?" and he said (Aspen again), YES!.  So, the unicorn came to Aspen's house and was Sooooo happy."
Since telling this story, every night she says "Mom, tell me the story of the unicorn on the wall", and adds her own parts to the telling of it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest.

Julie L said...

Ha, ha, ha. You are so right - this is the little girl in the movie (who was the absolutely most adorable girl anywhere, don't you think?) Too cute!

kimg said...

LOVE this post and the story.

also love the little girl in the movie. 'it's so fluffy i'm going to die' is a favorite quote around my house.

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