Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010... and beyond (and previous)

As I was reflecting on my year and going into the new one, I started thinking about past experiences over time.  So I thought I'd jot a few things down that defined ME from each year of my adult life.
Both for good and bad... just really REALLY glad I don't have to repeat certain years.

1988:  graduated high school.  Attended Snow College.  Residence:  Snow Hall.  Played college volleyball & basketball.
I'm on the top row, second from left.
1989:  married.  Residence: ~92 w 200 s, Ephraim.
1990:  graduated from Snow College.  Moved to Logan.  First child, Morgan, born. Residence: Canyon Terrace Apartments (2 different units).  Discovered Morgan was visually impaired.
1991:  Summer House @541 E 500 N in Logan. Moved to 615 e 400 N in Logan in the fall.  Darren lived with us for a few months.
1992:  graduated from USU (elementary education).  First "teaching job" as PE specialist, in Logan.
1993:  Brenden was born.
1994:  bought our first house.  6300 N Hwy 38 in Honeyville.  Huge garden, trees, and lots of land.
1995:  Lost a baby at 6 months along.
1996:  Wade was born.

1998:  Began officiating high school volleyball/basketball.  Grandma Snow died.
1999:  Part time teaching PE @Discovery Elementary in Brigham.  Grandpa Snow died.
2000:  The beginning of 3 years of big ugly change.  Had to move out of my house.  Summer job @Centro de la familia. Job @Box Elder Middle School 10 days before school began.  Residences:  storage bay (1 month), Christensen's (1 month), 415 n 400 e (June's basement).
2001:  Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year.  Understatement.  Residence: 863 Arapaho Ct., Brigham (old Indian school buildings).
2002:  Divorced.  Officiated state final volleyball for 3A.  Teaching contract not renewed. 
2003:  Moved to 415 n 400 e in Brigham.  Job @Adele C Young Intermediate in Brigham City.
2004:  Moved to Lehi.  Got a job in Provo @Farrer Middle School.  Met Hayden J. Fraser.   NYC!!
2005:  Married Hayden in Vegas.  Job @Centennial Middle School.  First cruise.
2006:  Ran first 5k.  Ever.  Bought first new car.  Took kids on a cruise. 
2007:  Aspen Rose was born.  Took Wade, Aspen and Morgan on a cruise.
2008:  Golden Apple winner @my school.  Sealed to Hayden & Aspen in Manti temple.  Morgan graduated from high school.
2009:  Ran 1st Half marathon.  Hayden started his own company:  Craftsman Hardwood Flooring.  Denver trip. Took kids on a Mexico cruise.
2010:  This year was full of many accomplishments.  Court of Honor (Brenden), Lake Powell, Chicago trip, cabin, State track (Brenden placed), State cross country (9th place and state champs), Wade started cross country, family activities, trip to Vegas, half marathon in St. George, and anniversary @ Red River Ranch in Southern Utah.

2011:  Looking forward to a great year.


Julie L said...

Kind of puts life in perspective, both the good and the bad things, to list them like this. What a terrific year 2010 has been for you and your family. So glad to have you as part of our lives, too.

kimg said...

i loved this post! i only knew you at snow (sort of) and usu then skip until now. this was so interesting to see where you'd been and what you'd done. i love how you listed the good and the bad. they are both very important in defining us. i need to think about doing one of these...

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