Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vacation Lessons

Things I learned while on vacation (or shortly thereafter):
  • There is no place like home
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico is amazing!
  • I love my pillow
  • The first week back is always the painful
  • Sun = wrinkles (instant) after the age of 40
  • I love my bed.
  • Aspen DOES get tired of the beach... eventually.
  • The trip home is long, whether in a car or on a plane.
  • We eat too fast in America.
  • I love the weather of the Caribbean.
  • Other cultures are amazing
  • The ambulances in other countries REALLY do sound like they do in the movies.
  • Police car flashing lights are blue in Puerto Rico
  • I love my bed (oh wait, did I say that already??)
  • I don't read enough (unless on vacation).
  • Running in the cold beats running in the humidity.
  • Kenny Chesney has a house close to where we were :)
  • I love home.


Julie L said...

Cute. See, you can say so much in so few words! I need to learn your art! Sounds like a great vacation. Now if we could just figure out how to take our beds with us, huh?

kimg said...

SOOOO jealous! I LOVE to travel, but love to come home too. Vacations are great that way! Glad you had a good time. Love your photos!

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