Friday, January 14, 2011

Mom's the KING!

I have resisted all attempts by Hayden to call him the "KING", even though he has repetitively tickled me til I can hardly breathe. Aspen is a pushover, however. If Hayden has something she wants, it is suddenly "Dad's the KING". This is especially effective when followed by "Mom's the pauper".

Lately, Hayden and I both get demoted to be "paupers" when her brother Brenden, or her Grandpa Frank is around.

"Grandpa's the KING!"
  (Brenden) "What about me?"
"Grandpa and Brenden are BOTH kings!"
  (Dad) "And what about me?"
"Dad's the pauper... (pause)... and MOM is the pauper".

Hayden has successfully been able to gain his title back by threatening to leave Aspen and not take her on the ship (cruise) with him. 
This is cheating.
I resort to no such tactics.
If I win my title of KING back, it is because I truly am the KING.
Playing princess with her friend
If she isn't naming us KINGS & PAUPERS, she is playing other little games.
This is her most recent favorite:
"Who wants my ball?  Mom, Dad... raise your hands"
We both raise our hands, excitedly, trying to get her to pick us.
She hands me the ball, looks at her dad and says "Ohhhh, sorry dad".

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