Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oreos are my friend

It's amazing.  Exercise, eating right, and weight loss are interlinked.   So I started wondering:  how about exercising a LITTLE bit, ALMOST eating right (except for the box of girl scout Samoas that I downed in one sitting)... that should count for something, RIGHT??  Apparently my pants don't think so... nor do my thighs... and my butt???  Don't even ask him.  I tell my friend Becky that it is her fault.  Her weight loss lately has been incredible.  I think she is secretly leaving those extra pounds in my classroom, and they end up following me home.

I have a disadvantage to begin with, I realize.  The past 5 years I began struggling with monthly  emotional chaos and depression (yes THAT kind of monthly), and ended up on medication to regulate it.  Two years ago, when I  started running, my body for some reason began thinking that running was now the medication to regulate this imbalance.  Because of this, NOT running is a double whammy for me.   A TRIPLE whammy, actually.  1) It makes my daily caloric intake remain higher than my output (thus resulting in unhappy pants).  2) When I don't run... my craving for all things sugary increases as well, and I don't mean a little bit.   That craving has been screaming lately for a package of double stuffed OREOS.  5 of them would do... with a nice glass of cold milk (because milk is HEALTHY, right?  And as long as you have "stuff" with something healthy it's all good).  And last, but definitely the most important: 3) Not running leaves me a blubbering emotional mess.  I am not a nice person as a basket-case. My 6th & 7th period classes can attest to this.

So... Hayden has been out of town on work for a few days, which leaves morning runs not possible.   I had to go shopping yesterday for a few essentials, and lo-and-behold... there were the Oreos calling my name.  Thank heavens the almost $4 price tag convinced me otherwise, but I did find these cookies that were TOTALLY calling my name.  $1.  Look... they even say that they love me on them.  I loved them too.  A calorie counting person could tell me how many miles I would have to run in order to burn off all of those calories... which is why I don't have any calorie counting friends.  So luckily for Hayden, he has missed out on the non-running, cookie eating, crazy woman the past 3 days.  He might be planning a job out of town again soon if I don't get in my running shoes again ASAP.


Lisa said...

I totally think you are entitled to each and everyone of those cookies! You do look amazing and you do have to live a little even if it is a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips. I too struggle with that on a daily basis and it just down right pisses me off. Know you are loved and that you look fabulous and that those cookies need love sometimes too, so devour them!

kimg said...

very interesting observations. i struggle with all the some things. my issue is more anxiety than depression, but still... there is just something about being outside, getting that blood flowing and the heart pumping that helps with that. if you need the cookies to compensate, that's okay! you look fabulous in my opinion!

Mom L said...

Add my vote to the look fabulous part! And I saw you out the other day with the stroller and pretty well figured you were just getting home from a run. Aha! Caught you.

I gave away a box of Samoans just to get the temptation away. I ordered them in a very weak moment. Still have one box left that's calling to me, calling to me. If I eat one, I'm a gonner. The whole box will be gone. WHY?

You, my friend, are doing just fine. You are a long, long, long way from ever being in the boat I'm in. I think this time of the year just totally leaves us in a fink and for me, getting through it without the food forage is a major challenge every single year. Most of the time I lose. This year I'm working on it - have to. It's become a life or death thing, and suddenly that becomes a whole lot of soberingly more important than whether or not my pants are tight. Definitely more of an incentive. I have found that swimming, for me, has a huge emotional sedative affect. And I don't know if it's because the water sport is typically a summer activity and so my body thinks it's summer, or because I inhale so much water when I swim that my stomach could not stand the thought of another bite - whatever, it works, and I'm not arguing!

Oh, oops. I wrote a book. Sorry.

Nathan and Shanna said...

I for one think you look Great! But I do have to agree with you on your observations! I struggle with the same stuff...glad to know that I'm not the only one!
Thanks for sharing and hang in there!

Camille said...

This is a little observation I have made in my own life... I had to get ride of the diet Coke. I found I craved sooo much more food and junk food if I was drinking any cola, especially diet. I literally could put on five pounds when I start drinking it again. If you stop, get ready for headaches and complete let down, but if you can make it for a week or a few days it is totally worth it. I feel much better, I am not so "snacky" all the time and my skin looks better. Oh ya, and stopping the diet Coke completely helped with my depression. Even now if I falter and have even one diet Coke my kids and husband can tell...they call it "black death" for me. Just a thought :)

Keep up the running, you definitely inspire me to do better!

HeatherC. said...

I love Oreos. Not the double stuff, though. When Eliza was an infant I was reading a book about how to lose the baby weight and the author said something about not getting up in the middle of the night to eat Oreos. I hadn't thought about Oreos in YEARS but after that, I couldn't stop.

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