Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have never had a kid at this age who loves to take a bath as much as Aspen does.  I don't have to ask twice to get her in the tub.  With the mention of the word "BATH" she runs into the bathroom and gets in the tub.  Clothes and all.  This isn't a problem unless I have already started filling the tub.

There are definitely bath-time favorites.  Her two fish she has had since she was old enough to take a bath, and are still her must haves.  She gets in when the water is warm, plays in the bubbles by blowing them off of her hands.... until there are no bubbles left in the tub to blow.  Even when the water has started turning cold it is a chore to get her out.  With the tub already drained, and a warm towel waiting, I have to climb in and grab her.

She is growing up so fast.  Hayden has worked late this week almost every day, so waiting by the door for him to pull up to the house hasn't happened this week. Hayden lets me know when he is almost home, so I say to Aspen:  "Where is DAD?  Run, run".  She runs to the front door and looks out waiting for him to pull up.  This week... every afternoon, about the time he usually gets home, she will say "DAD? run! run!".  I have to tell her... NO, no dad yet.    

She and Hayden will both be glad when the weekend gets here!


kimg said...

She is so cute!!! I wish my 5 year old would love baths. I keep telling her that princesses love to take baths, but so far she's not buying it.

Ryan and Debra said...

She is just way too cute! I am sure that she probably needs all those baths due to her love of outdoors and curiosity! Cutie!!!

TheTandyFamily said...

love the picture of her pointing to her little belly button. so cute!! you did a great job of capturing a lot of fun angles.

nicole said...

Such cute pictures!! You also have a really cool camera:)

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