Wednesday, March 18, 2009

life with an (almost) 2 year old

Somehow I don't remember running this much (and I don't mean GOING for a run, like I run for exercise)

I'm talking about chasing... cleaning... re-cleaning... wiping... re-wiping.
this girl MOVES... constantly...
and I LOVE IT!

She drags me along with her to:
  • play @ the park
  • jump on the tramp
  • play house with her babies
  • ride the tricycle
  • READ ~ READ ~ READ ~ (this one can be done 24/7!)
  • watch Veggie-tales or Sesame Street
  • push her Tonka dump truck everywhere
  • draw ~ DRAW ~ draw... (hopefully not on the reading books)
I smell her hair... taking in the last of the BABY smell.  I rub lotion on her legs each night, sadly noticing her baby soft skin is turning into toddler rough knees.  

I am running... 
but I'm soaking up the last rays of her baby-hood along the way.

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