Saturday, March 14, 2009


I had a big black lab follow me home from a run three weeks ago.  After a week of babysitting him, we found his owners on ksl classifieds, and they were VERY excited to see each other again.  We were sad to see him go.  Aspen loved lying on the floor and cuddling with him.  Wade started calling him HIS dog and was trying to teach him tricks on the same day the owners came to pick him up.

SO... Monday is Wade's birthday... and look who we found for Wade.

TOBY!  He doesn't lay still enough for Aspen to cuddle with him yet, but he plays a great game of fetch, and Wade can officially call him HIS DOG


LaurieJ said...

You (your kids) are so lucky! Labs are the best dogs

karalyn White said...

you will have to come see our lab puppt. his name is jessi. he's going to be huge, his paws look like bear paws.

kimg said...

You are such a good mom. We have horrible "animal luck" at our house and are on pet sabbatical right now. Hope your doggy works out.

Colbys said...

There is nothing cuter than a good lab. They make good running partners too!

Nathan and Shanna said...

We prefer Huskies who also make wonderful running dogs. When I take them on walks they actually end up walking me! Cute lab though! Pets are a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well!

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