Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fatherhood initiation & chicken soup

Two days ago while running with friends I commented how fortunate our family had been to come out of this winter without any sickness.   Apparently I spoke too soon.  This morning at 1am Hayden had his first dose of baby sickness, and is now officially INITIATED.  Aspen woke screaming, and when we ran in she was covered in throw up.  

"This is ok" I think... "I'll clean her up, and get her back to bed and still go run at 5:45."  
~YEAH RIGHT~  Change baby, change bed.
4:00am: Aspen crying.  Fever 101*.  She sleeps with us for a bit. MAYBE I'll have to get a substitute for class.  Maybe.
4:20am: Aspen crying and goes back in her bed.  Mom lets her buddies know she has given up on the running idea for the day.  Drives to Provo to prep for a sub.
6:00am: back to bed for mom.  Aspen sleeps until 11am.

A sick day for mom was spent in the kitchen.  Mopped the floor, made homemade noodles for soup, homemade break for dinner, cleaned a shelf in the refrigerator,  and even cleaned out the recipe book cupboard.   Didn't get a run in... there is always tomorrow.

Welcome to fatherhood Hayden.  At least you will eat well on the days Aspen is sick.

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