Friday, March 6, 2009

roundball ruckus

What is it about a silly basketball game that makes me start planning for it a month in advance?  Is it the actual game or is it the opportunity to talk smack with my students for the entire week before the game?  

I get so stoked for the game that it even started creeping into my dreams this week.  I dreamt my family and I were in Hawaii, and we were planning on staying for a week or so, and I was in HAWAII trying to figure out how to find an early flight home so I didn't have to miss the game.  Ok... that's crazy!  Two years ago at this time I was 7 months pregnant with Aspen and, of course, played.  

When the highlight of the school year is getting out on the floor and playing ball, that means I either need to get out more often... or that I'm SLIGHTLY competitive.  Either way... today was fun, and I officially have license to talk smack for at least the rest of March.


TheTandyFamily said...

7 months pregnant and playing are crazy J/K!! But it also shows how much FUN you are...:)

Nathan and Shanna said...

I should have come to you for pointers when I was coaching basketball!

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