Monday, March 23, 2009

duct tape

There is no such thing as surprising me.  Period.  I would find out what Christmas gifts were coming when I was a child by either peeking in all of my mothers' hiding places til I found the goods, or very carefully disecting the tape from the gifts under the tree to see what was inside.  I think my mother figured this one out eventually because my Christmas gifts started being put under the tree wrapped with duct tape.  Tricky mom.

Well... Hayden is planning a surprise for this weekend and it is KILLING me to not know what it is.  

This is what I know...
  • we are driving to our destination.
  • it is not Vegas, or Jackson Hole
  • it has a fireplace in our room
  • Aspen gets to go play with grandma for the weekend.

Thats about it.  Is it driving me crazy?  Yeah!!  Am I excited?  You betcha.  


kimg said...

VERY fun! hope you have a great time! (and I hope it is n't Ephraim.)

Nathan and Shanna said...

How exciting. I love surprises!

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