Wednesday, September 30, 2009


October is TOMORROW?? How did this happen? Summer just seemed to have settled in and wanted to never leave, and now it's OCTOBER? It's just as well. The weather is cooler this week. Even cold today. I love it. Every room of my house (and my classroom) smell like fall because I pulled out my pumpkin candles, and have them going. The leaves in the canyon this weekend foretold of the approaching month. This weekend I get to bring out my halloween stuff with the boys, and hit a corn maze. Also, next week is the big event I've been waiting for: finding a costume for a toddler is pretty much one of the most fun a mom can have. Well, easily entertained moms like myself, I should say.

Welcome FALL. Welcome OcToBeR!
I love pulling out the sweaters
I loved turning on the heater today
I love football season
I love decorating my classroom with orange lights and my big pumpkin
I love watching Aspen see all it as if for the first time


Mom L said...

So right there with you! I couldn't sleep Tuesday night I was so excited for the changes in the weather (besides the wind was so noisy it kept me awake).

kimg said...

Yay! I love fall too! The colors are so beautiful this year. I am sad to see summer go though. I wish we only had a month or two of winter. Then I wouldn't dread it so much.

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