Tuesday, September 1, 2009

creature comforts

It's funny the things kids pick up on. Aspen, while driving this morning with Hayden, noticed a scratch on his arm.
"OWEE daddy"
She quickly took measures to comfort him. She turned his arm toward the heater, then brought it back and kissed it. She took her little blanket and rubbed his scratch and then cuddled with his arm.

These are things that make Aspen feel comforted. Just kinda cute to see her share them with someone else.


kimg said...

what a sweetheart!

Ryan and Debra said...

That's very sweet! And what a crazy fun dog you have...running through the fire for his Kong...Haha.

Mom L said...

You found me! Love your blog. No surprise there - you have many talents. Aspen is just so super sweet! -Julie L (not sure how to change that "Mom L" moniker which was great when I was only looking at my kids' blogs, but now I look at everything and suddenly Mom L gets a little weird. One friend said it fits just fine and not to worry. Guess there could be worse things.)

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