Monday, September 14, 2009

FAIR play

Not sure I was ready for the outcome of taking Aspen to the fair. My baby graduated to a BIG girl by the nature of the rides. She was tall enough to ride the "belted in your own seat" ride with her dad. Not sure that should be legal for a 2 year old, regardless of height, but she sure wasn't complaining.

It was a GREAT day, but how could it not be when you start the day off with 3 trips down the big yellow slide, throw some bunnies, cows, pigs, sheep, and CHICKENS (Aspen's favorites) into the mix. Top it off with rides, the required funnel cake, and a walk through the craft & photo buildings for me. Aspen was asleep 30 seconds (not kidding) after we hit the road back home.

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