Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayd!

I truly am one of the luckiest gals on the planet! I am married to my best friend and eternal partner. My heart still gets little butterflies when I get a text message from him, or a phone call. I just love him so much.

Today is his birthday. Aspen and I send birthday wishes your way Hayden. We also would like to share 10 AWESOME Hayden facts:
  1. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever known. His new business in hardwood is going well because of this fact.
  2. He is a great dad, and has patience on the days when mine has evaporated.
  3. On the days when my patience has evaporated (or my sanity is in question) he is THE BEST at dealing with me, and bringing me a bit of perspective.
  4. He inspires me to be a better person: whether it is pushing me to keep up with running, spending time with my kids, or reminding me what is important.
  5. He spoils me. Rotten. Brings me drinks occasionally when he gets home from work. Buys me random treats from a quick trip to the store. Plans surprises that would amaze the best of planners.
  6. He has an awesome family. They love me and my kids as though we are theirs. They make a point to show they care. They come to events that are totally out of the "grandparent" obligation. Love you guys! Alot.
  7. There are so many things we "match" on... and thank heavens we do. We both are early to bed, early to rise people. We both like things clean. We both have the same financial goals, and spending habits. We communicate on the same wave-length.
  8. He makes one mean batch of spaghetti with his special sauce.
  9. On my down days... he is up, and picks up the slack. Whether bathing Aspen, cooking dinner, or just straightening up the kitchen.
  10. He puts up with me... and the "reality" tv I make him sit through (Biggest Loser & So you think you can dance), the boxes of stuff that I SWEAR I will get through and get rid of half of it before I ever have to move again, and is an awesome co-parent.
I love you Hayden! Happy Birthday!!

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Calvin said...

I have a client asking me to help them come up with an inlaid wood floor, I'll chat with B-day boy when I know more...

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