Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lessons of the trade

Things I've learned from 10 years of teaching:

  • Regardless of the skill level, kids are crazy the last period of the day.
  • Never enter a teacher bathroom that has the fan running.
  • Mondays suck. Period.
  • It is NOT an accident that Labor Day happens so soon after the school year starts. Many children are alive today because of this fact.
  • It is possible (not recommended) to hit the bathroom, eat lunch, make copies and tend to errands in 25 minutes. (this one takes about 4 years to get used to)
  • pictures as a student; small package 2 3x5s, 12 2x3s=EXPENSIVE ($20)
  • pictures as a teacher; free= 1 8x10, 2 5x7s, 4 3x5s, 20 2x3s (more pictures than should legally be printed of a middle aged teacher).
  • never carpool... unless you don't mind waiting in a parking lot for 20 minutes, or staying after school for 30 minutes longer than planned.
  • learning the names of students the first week of school earns you bonus points for the rest of the year.

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HeatherC. said...

I thought teachers didn't go to the bathroom!

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