Monday, September 28, 2009

Not my doing

We have a new cat. well... a kitty. An non-litter-box trained kitty who whines and hisses at the other cat we already have.

WHY? Why do we have ANOTHER one, even though it is against all common sense? Look at this face... this is what her dad saw when we dropped the boys off, after she had found the kittens hiding under the tree outside. That is all it took. Hayden caved and let her pick a cat to take home.

The first 5 minutes in the car she was grinning from ear to ear saying "kitty go home? kitty go home?"

She was totally excited.
At 2:10 this morning, when I had to clean up a mess... I was NOT.



Mel said...

Oh my GOODNESS she is SUCH a doll!! It was fun to see you last week! Thanks so much for coming! Love ya!! :)

kimg said...

I know how it is getting roped into things you had no intention of doing in the first place. Fortunately mine is older now and getting a bit easier to resist. I LOVE those bikes! Very retro.

Mom L said...

I would love to find a home for my kitty! Brent couldn't resist Heather's face ten years ago. She is litter box trained. She is declawed. She is fixed. And Heather doesn't live at home any more. Why the cat? Would you like three?

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