Saturday, November 7, 2009

busy day of avoidance

It is amazing what I get done in a day while trying to avoid doing something else.  I have an assignment for a class on Monday that needs finished, and I have been putting off running all day.  In the process of avoiding, I managed to get a few things taken care of.
  • lawn mowed
  • leaves raked
  • house sprayed for bugs
  • floors vacuumed
  • floors mopped
  • laundry done
  • ceiling fan out/light fixture in
  • driveway/sidewalks blows off
  • bedroom cleaned
  • kitchen cleaned
  • walls & baseboards cleaned
  • kitchen table disassembled for painting
  • spray painted part of the table
Still haven't gotten around to touching my assignment.  It's too dark now to run... bummer.
There are still lots of things I can continue to do to avoid doing what I should be doing.  Windows, blinds, finish the table... at least my house will be clean, one way or another.


Ryan and Debra said...

It's amazing how much you can get done when you don't want to do something else. That's what I do when I am supposed to be planning a lesson or sharing house usually looks pretty good on those days...What a day!

Nathan and Shanna said...

Wow you are amazing! Come to my house when you get done and together we could get TONS done!!

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