Monday, November 23, 2009


I've become addicted to following blogs that post creative little projects.  In the past couple weeks I have made 2 hats for Aspen, and 2 flutter capes (or PONCHOS, as I know them as).  She and I have had a standoff (or two) with putting them on, but, I won.  Again.  I also made me a scarf since there was a bit of extra material.  I got my ideas from here (hat), here (cape) and here (scarf).

The look on Aspen's face in the top picture is SOOOO her.  Little stubborn girl... that I love.


Nathan and Shanna said...

How cute! What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

kimg said...

Holy craftiness! You are amazing! Very fun!

Mom L said...

Great fun! Love all the pictures! The projects all look wonderful, too! Good job, Tonia!

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