Sunday, November 1, 2009

mission accomplished

A month or so ago, I ordered the most adorable costume. Unfortunately, from the moment it arrived, Aspen decided it was not going on her body. Period. The only thing worse than 1 stubborn woman in the house is a stubborn woman vs. a stubborn 2 year old. I sat the costume on her bed for the past couple weeks, so she would get used to having it close to her. Once, I strapped the little feet on her while she wasn't looking and a complete and utter meltdown followed. Still... I was going to win this battle of the wills. The day before Halloween I told her how the next day would go: we'll put the pig costume on, then go get some treats. "No Pig, No Pig". All day on Halloween I told her how it was going to go down, always with the "No Pig" response. We managed to get the body suit on her, but the hat and feet weren't allowed. She figured out the body suit had a tail on it, and she LOVED it. While she was watching tv and distracted, I put on her feet, and slipped her hat on. No complaint. Wow. The power of suggestion.

She had figured it out after one house:
step back
door opens
hold bucket out
wait for candy

Not sure what I am going to do tonight when she insists on putting the pig back on and insists on going out for more treats.



Mom L said...

Oh, we missed her. She's welcome to come knocking at our place tonight. We still have a few candy bars left even. She looks so cute! I'm glad you won out.

kimg said...

She is SO cute! I LOVE that costume!

WYO Smith's said...

cute costume! Love it when I win!!

michelle said...

I'm glad you got her to wear it because she looks beyond adorable! Love the little pom poms at her feet :)

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