Sunday, November 15, 2009

home work at home

I spent the weekend working on homework.  Not mine.  Apparently my son was about 20 assignments behind in math, 9 in orchestra, and about 12 from language arts.  How does this happen??  In the day and age of technology, when a person can see what has been graded, what is coming due, and what the current grades are day to day.  HOW??  (this would not happen if he lived at my house!!!!)

One way or another... it meant that we spent our ENTIRE weekend doing homework.  We finished about 12 assignments.

It still left us enough time for a good walk and some time to cook together.  I sure love spending time with the boys. 


Mom L said...

There are some things I really don't miss about being a mom of teenagers. Thanks for reminding me. Somehow at this point in life, mostly I just remember the great things, and those I DO miss!

Nathan and Shanna said...

We did the same thing this weekend with my son. I too wonder how that happens especially when you haven't missed a day of school.

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