Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best source of time travel... by far!

I decided to make myself a play list off of the 3,389 songs on my ipod.  I needed an "unwind" set of tunes because sometimes driving home NEEDS an unwind button.  I was going through my list one song at a time and moving songs over if they met my listening need.  Amazing what you find when you aren't looking.  Over the course of the 3 days I was taken through a good 25 year period of my life in an instant.  It amazes me how quickly I am transported to, not just a year, or a time frame... but an exact location, complete with people around me, smells, and a very distinct feeling of being that age again.  I started making a list, as I was going through my 3000+ songs, of only the ones that took me to a specific place and time.  Best source of time travel... by far!

Listed as:
SONG: Artist: year: Person there at the time: story behind the moment

Ghost Riders In the Sky: Marty Robbins/Michael Martin Murphy: 1982: My Mom: Heber rodeo grounds watching my mom compete in the drill portion of "Riding Club"
Come Sail Away: Styx: 1982: Jo Gardner: Sitting in Uncle Jo's room going through his records and feeling totally lucky that he let me play them on his stereo system. 
Round and Round: Ratt: 1985: Susan Condie: Susan's party at her house with a bunch of people.  I even remember what I was wearing at the time.
Livin on a prayer: Bon Jovi: 1986: Melody Pittman/Union Bball team: After our Park City basketball game, we stopped by a store and I purchased this album and a sweet (at the time, it was) cassette player to listen to it on.
In the air tonight: Phil Collins: 1986: Tina Harrison/Roland McCook: Sitting in the hall at Wasatch high school waiting for the next round of matches at a wrestling tournament.
Lessons in Love: Level 42: 1987: Suzi Nelson:  New tape I purchased to play in Suzi's new car for our rides to school.
The Flame: Cheap Trick: 1987-summer:  Suzi Nelson:  driving around good old Roosevelt with the windows rolled down... jamming.
Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: U2: 1987: Jeff Limburg: On the Limburg's couch watching the music video to this song.  Still one of my favorites.
Groovy Kind of Love: Phil Collins: 1988: Vicki Staker:  Driving to Price for a basketball game in the big ole van, and listening to this song, sitting next to Vicki.
Wild wild west: Escape Club: 1988: Snow Basketball Team: Dancing on the tables in the cafeteria at CNCC to this video.  Our coach left us because we were slow to come to the van (thankfully she came back for us).
I'll be over you: Toto: 1988: Gary Johnson: Snow College.  Had a crush on him, and this song was playing once when I went over to his dorm.
Bop: Dan Seals: 1989: Marlyn Harmer, Cori Lyman, Karleah Allen (Snow teammates): Learning how to do this line dance to the song at coach's house in Ephraim.
Finding Me: Vertical Horizon: 2000: Kellie Miller: so many songs remind me of her/this part of my life... but in this one I find myself sitting in her futon couch in the cute condo in Logan she bought.
Oops I did it again: Britney Spears: 2001: June's place... Hanging with my kids during the spring.
Wild Child: Enya: 2001: Brenden:  Basement apartment of June's house.  This song about my "wild child" Brenden... wild, meaning, he was such a spit-fire at the time.
All-Star: Smash-mouth: 2002: My kids: Sitting on the curb at the Box Elder County Fair parade with my kids, watching the drill team march by to this song. 
I Drove All Night: Celine Dion: 2003: Brenden:  Chasing Brenden around the kitchen in Brigham City, singing this song to him... as he tries to run away.
Yeah: Usher: New Year's Eve 2003: Lynette Turner &; Michael: Dance in SLC w/ friends.
New Song: Howard Jones: 2004: David Pabst: Howard Jones concert in Springville... (hey, Dave... I had to pick ONE, sorry) good times.
Runaway: Live: 2004: Hayden: Basement of student center at the U, playing ping pong and browsing the internet
Into the Ocean: Blue October 2008: myself: running on the frontage road listening to this song... many weeks before it was popular!

Some songs/artists just remind me of people in my life... such as:
Brenden: Miss You: Blink 182
Wade: You are my Sunshine
My dad: anything Marty Robbins, Cattle Call: Eddy Arnold
HaydenLightning Crashes: Live,    Crashed Into You: Daughtry,    The Reason: Hoobastank


kimg said...

i love this post! it is so true! there are songs that just transport you right back in time. i might need to do one of these posts myself... is that okay if i borrow your idea?

Mom L said...

Great trip down memory lane. As much as I love music, I'm not sure I could do this. I am so impressed! Of course, you are a few years younger than me and your brain is still working....

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