Monday, March 22, 2010

Faking it

There is a difference between a HAVING/FINDING a great idea, and IMPLEMENTING a great idea.  I learn this often... sometimes the hard way.  I've made a few things this past month... and I've thrown in the towel on my most recent attempt.  My first try was a skirt made out of scraps of pieces of fabric.  I had to play with the width of each tier of the skirt, but overall it turned out GREAT!  I had seen the picture here.  
My most recent has been making a dress/shirt from old T-shirts.  I had seen incredible pictures of this idea here and here.  My attempt fell horribly short of the desired result.  Not being able to figure it out got the best of me, and I ended up spending $12 on the pattern for the dress.  Now to collect a ton of cool T-shirts from family and friends that would have ended up at D.I. or the trash.  
Other items I "faked" recently turned out much better than the t-shirt dress.  I made a skirt out of 2 tea-towels that I picked up at the dollar store.  It was still missing something, so I took a spare piece of ribbon in my stash, sewed a gather stitch down the edge of it, gathered it, and sewed on the little flower to the side of the skirt.  BOO-YA!  Adorable skirt for a total of $2.
While at the dollar store, I thought I'd buy one of the little blankets in the baby section, and turn it into a pair of pants.  I used another pair of Aspens bottoms as a stencil for the pattern.  There was almost not enough material in the $1 blanket, but these are some of Aspen's favorites... and she always wants to wear them.  Sometimes I have to hide them.


Mom L said...

Tonia, those are darling! I think working with stretchy T-shirt fabric is especially difficult. But I am so impressed with all the darling outfits you've sewn. Makes me want to pull out my machine ...

Lori said...

Give that patched skirt an A+. Super cute! I will keep you in mind as a clean out closets these next couple of months. You've got skills Tonia!

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