Monday, March 29, 2010

someone's HERO

My sister was in town last weekend to run a half marathon (she's crazy).  She has signed up for a marathon in May... because the half marathon was full (SEE!!...CRAZY!!)  I thought of her as her race started... while I was warm in my bed, and the temperature at her starting line was 20 degrees... (crazy!!!.)   Yeah, so I may be a runner... but I'm a wussy runner.

She bested her first (and only other) half marathon by 5 minutes, and this race had lots of hills, her first was downhill.  I ran with them in that first downhill marathon through Provo Canyon.  They hadn't trained.  They beat me by 25 minutes and 5 minutes (Liz, my sister in law & Kara, my sister, respectively).  Thus the reason you won't find me racing with them in the future.  They improve... I get fatter slower.

The highlight of the day was being able to hang afterwards.  A visit to the candle/scrapbook shop, lunch at Zupas, and a trip to Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient life.  Aspen LOVED it.  She was a kid in a candy shop.  I was ready for a nap.

My sister's daughter rode with me while driving around from one stop to another.  We had the windows down, sun-roof open, and tunes jammin.  She made a comment to me that she had missed a birthday party to come, but she was glad she did... and that she was having tons of fun.  Later, when she returned home, she commented to her mom that when she gets a car someday she wants to have a car like mine.

YEAH... It's nice to be someone's hero.  Just gotta keep my MOJO.


karalyn White said...

That was a great day. Thanks for coming and cheering me on, and taking cool pictures.

Mom L said...

What ever would we do without family?!!! Sounds like a super fun day!

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