Monday, March 15, 2010

Give the girl a pool

This past week has been one of many adventures with Aspen.  Yesterday I put her down for a nap, and after 45 minutes I heard her crying, so I went in to see what was the problem.  OH BABY!!!  There was a problem.  There was water (from a sippy cup of water I had left with her) and Lysol spray over EVERYTHING in her room: Tv, floor, dishes, books, dresser, EVERYTHING. I am sure that she was up and moving around for her little adventure as soon as I had shut the door on her.

She found her lifejacket this week, too.  I shouldn't say FOUND because it has been hanging in her room since Lake Powell last year.  DISCOVERED is more like it.  At that point... she and the lifejacket were inseparable.  She had to take it with her to the sitter's house.  When I picked her up and we were driving home we had an interesting conversation:

"where going mama?"
"no... no go home.... go swimmin mama"
as we pulled into the driveway
"MAMA... NOOO home... SWIMMIN!!"

This was the daily dialogue for three of the days last week.  I even went to the extreme of hiding her lifejacket on the back of her door under her winter coat.  She was not deterred.  A few hours later, the laundry basket was emptied, tipped on its side, moved over to the door, the coat was removed and the lifejacket was once again her constant companion.

Thursday night I had such a headache that Hayden decided to take her to the pool while I took a nap.  This girl was so excited when she came home.  She had many adventures to tell me.

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