Monday, March 8, 2010

a dose of humility

Occasionally I am able to drop by Hayden's job site and see what he is working on.  He had informed me before I came this time that the project was a floor in a little subdivision for mostly low income families.  The man who had lived in the place had passed away and the owners needed to have the floor sanded before renting the place out again. 
I am so grateful for my little humble home, our 1 bathroom, our leaky fall apart "garage", and our faulty electrical work.  
It breaks my heart to see a little family come through to look at the place.  A mother and a little girl.  The mother was ecstatic at the prospects of moving into the place.  I was nervous having Aspen walk through the house.  I definitely wouldn't let her touch anything.  I can't imagine having to live in those conditions.
So, here is to little things in life that make us remember to be grateful for what we have.


Nathan and Shanna said...

I will never complain about my living conditions again. Thanks for sharing and putting perspective back into my sight!

Calvin said...


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