Sunday, March 28, 2010

frustration, nerves & anxiety

Sometimes I wish my competitive gene was a little less of a dominant characteristic.  Thursday was a perfect example.  Every year the student faculty basketball game happens in the spring.  I've learned over the past couple years to talk a little less smack talk with my students prior to the game because the older I get, the less I am able to "represent" as a key player on our team.  By the end of the first half (vs. the 7th graders) we were up by 15 points.  The 8th graders played the second half, and we knew we were in trouble.  They had a couple boys that were 6'4"+ and not skinny little fellers either.  The end score of the game was 58-58.  Tie score.  Not according to the students. Somehow they figured they had an extra point that hadn't been counted. I had to deal with "teachers are cheaters" comments via email that evening, and all during the next day at school.  Really?  Cheaters?  Why?  Because you didn't WIN?  Because we didn't have 2 entirely separate games?  Or because you had a student ref who called 26 calls in your favor (including a 3 SECONDS CALL??) and we got a total of 2 calls (this includes the technical foul called against the students that began the game).  Yeah... that's cheating I guess.
I don't deal well with sore losers.
At all.

This past week I was thinking about the game, and planning for the game so often that I was able to keep my upcoming surgery out of my mind.  Now that it is Sunday... the nerves have set in.  I have to have some fibroid tumors removed.  Even though it is a one day procedure, and I should be home that same night, I am nervous.  Hayden has planned a little R&R for a couple days the following week for the 2 of us without Aspen, but I have been so anxious about this procedure, I haven't been able to let myself look forward to the event.  I'll be glad to have this done, and be able to relax and enjoy my spring break.

Chicago... here we come!

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