Tuesday, May 5, 2009

before & after... finally

My spring break ADVENTURE (ha ha ha) was to paint the kitchen.  Thinking this was only going to take maybe a day, I had made other big plans for the rest of my break.  

Yeah right.

Tip to the wise... estimate the time it will take you to paint a room... and TRIPLE it!

At least it is done.  The yellow I painted it a few years back really didn't go with the earth-toned tile.  The kitchen has never had trim around the baseboards, and the door casings were made of plastic pretend wood.  Now our sand-grey walls MATCH (thanks to our $5 gallon of Home-Depot mismatched paint), our baseboards are up, patched (and will be painted before Christmas... I promise Hayden!), and the french door is finally touched up and painted.

Good thing I have all summer to work on nice little "projects"


Nathan and Shanna said...

I love the new look, much better than the yellow! Good job!

Colbys said...

It's beautiful! Great job! I love the mismatched paint--very cheap. If it makes you feel any better, we have lived in our house for over four years and our basement (including kids' bedrooms) don't have baseboards yet. I truly think we have just become used to it.

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