Tuesday, May 12, 2009


What a great mother's day weekend!  Saturday was FULL of fun stuff.  During the morning, I got to go pick up a trunk load of perennials from Slick & Dave.  I planted most of them this weekend, and most look like they are going to make it!  YAY!  Brenden went with me to SLC and rode his long-board around the campus of the U.  I am surprised he could stomach it, considering he is an avid BYU fan.

We went to a BBQ at a neighbors house Saturday afternoon.  Hayden is out of his element when it comes to these things, but he was a GREAT sport.  It was fun, and Aspen loved sitting at a table like a "big girl".

Sunday I had to give the lesson in Relief Society... and I survived!  Not sure why teaching 13 year olds seems alot easier than teaching a class with adults.  

My mothers day gifts were actually pretty hilarious.  From Aspen (or TO Aspen... depending on how you look at it), was WALL-E.  From/to Wade was a Playstation 3 remote, and from/to Brenden was X-Men boxed set.  Made me wonder what I had "got for Hayden" for mothers day when he handed me the last package: Really cool running headphones.  I love my family... they make me laugh!

We eeked out a picture or two before the boys left... which, as the pictures show, are always Brenden's favorite things to endure.  I'll let him get away with it this time... he wrote me a cool mother's day poem that I LOVED!
Thanks guys... You spoil me!

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LaurieJ said...

Those presents are awesome! Your family was saved by the headphones ;-)
My friend's husband actually got her a can opener...and was really excited to give it to her! So it could have been worse :-)

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