Sunday, May 10, 2009


Thinking of my mom on this mothers day, and wanted to share 5 things I love and admire about my mom:

1. She is a great artist, and as I child I always wished I could draw like her (especially the horses she used to draw for me).

2. She plays the piano and the ACCORDION!  One of my favorite childhood sounds was while laying in bed listening to my mom play the piano.

3. She inspires me to be ORGANIZED!  

4. My inspiration for running was my mom.  She used to get up and go running with friends before we were even up.

5. She loves her grandkids, she loves us... and we love her!

Happy Mother's Day mom ~

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BillnAud said...

Sorry I didn't get any pictures to you. It ended up being one of those crazy Saturdays where I ran from one thing to the next. You page looks good. Hope you had a great day. We did! We had a family dinner together and got to eat Grandma Toni potatoes! :o)
Love ya,

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