Friday, May 8, 2009


Yesterday we (Aspen and I) traveled to Morgan High to watch Brenden run the 3200 meter (2 mile) at his region track meet.

I'm so proud of this kid!  His personal record, which decided which heat he ran in, was 11:17.  This placed him in the slower heat by one second.  This was tough for him because being at the top of the heat meant he had no one with a time that would push him to improve.  Yeah... like that stopped him. 

He beat him PR by 20 seconds, and got 10:58.  He lapped several of the kids in his heat, and best of all... beat 5 of the people's time that were in the FAST heat.  

Way proud of you buddy!!  You're going to be hard to catch by next year!  


LaurieJ said...

Dang! That boy is a speed demon :-)
Good job on the race! Running in a slower heat is tough but he did great

kimg said...

Wow! What a runner! He must take after his mother...

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